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Change Bag

  • the changebag is simple genius - a changing mat that doubles as a wesuit bag! 
  • get changed on the open bag, leave your wet wetsuit on it and pull the strings to create a closed waterproof bag
  • stops wet wetsuits getting covered in sand and dirt
  • constructed from super-tough fabric so the bag gets punished on rough ground, not your wetsuit
  • a rusted out car boot or damp smelly car is the last thing you need.
  • constructed from ultra durable premium grade .55mm PVC waterproof fabric so the water not only stays inside the bag, but will do for years to come
  • prevents water transfer onto other dry items in your car and great for when you have dry things in your wetsuit bin you want to keep dry
  • constructed from super durable and waterproof premium grade .55mm PVC fabric
  • grunty nylon cord.
  • circular design means no seams


protect your wetsuit and it will protect you!

A change mat that's also a wetsuit bag. Unlike most "two-in-one" concepts this one actually works. Keep sand off your wetsuit and keep your car boot dry and rust-free.

If you are going to get any wetsuit accessory then this is it. Essential!