I had the best experience I have ever had ordering anything online with Curve prior to my surf tip to Kauai and Maui this last November-December. I needed a surf bag real quick and decided to order my needed flight bag through Curve directly. Simon was helpful beyond words and cut corners to get the bag to me the day before departure through the Los Angeles warehouse. The "coffin style" bag arrived on time and was far better than in quality than I thought possible for a bag under two hundred dollars. In fact it is the best traveling bag I now own in my opinion of durability and material. It is even better than many of the favorable reviews I recently read. I just want you guys at Curve to know you knocked it out of the ballpark on this one. My next bag will for sure be coming from Curve. Mahalo! Sincerely,
Donald R, Carlsbad, California, USA


Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how great the Overstayer bag went on my travels to and around Indo. Ten flights and not a single bit of damage, even managed to come out with the shoulder strap still attached. Mate of mine wasn't so lucky with his Creatures bag-chipped tail of his new 6'6. Spent a few days down Pangandaran too-I noticed Dion spent some time there on his travel blog.
Thanks heaps guys, keep building the good stuff!!
Scott, Nelson, NZ

Already have the Item I ordered in my hot little hands. great service, great products! I had dealt with you previously when I purchased my son one of your overstayer boardbags. that bag did Indo for 2 months, England, France & French railways and my son said not one scratch on his boards. "The best". His friend who had one of your competitors bags arrived in Indo with two boards virtually totaled. You have my full permission to use my recommendation anyway that you choose.
Regards, Chae, Whitianga, NZ
The Overstayer is epic, will fit my 6'1 fish, 6'3 shorty and my 7' semi-gun easily.  I love the Taco shell idea, so easy and no zips to get clogged with salt...huge plus!  Love the carry handle on the top side so you can carry it over your shoulder but have something to hang onto as well when wetties etc are stuffed into one end, what a great idea! 
Paul M, Victoria, Australia

Just letting you know that the Overstayer boardbag worked a treat when I went to Indo... ended up getting four board in there = a 6'0, 2x 6'3s and a 7'0 epic boardbg... here's a couple of photos with the four boards in it. HEAPS of room for wetties/leggies/booties/towels too.  just letting you know I'm stoked on the purchase!
Angus, Perth, Australia

The Overstayer is awesome! I like the ability to access the boards from the rear, or through the side. Most the time I had 2 boards in it, so was accessing it via the side. The Cleanzone function is unreal too! I kept towels and the Sleepmat in there. Great not getting them wet/waxy.
Jason, NZ

I really love the Overstayer surfboard bag you sent me. I searched and searched for what I wanted and your bag came on top for price and function. You must get it into more stores in Aus.
Thanks a heap once again.
Mark W, Sydney, Australia

Guys, you were right about this bag. It is a fantastic piece of gear, very well designed and made. The board bag arrived a lot earlier than I expected. I am stoked.
Thanks again. I will be back.
Cheers, Terry, Australia

My Curve Overstayer board bag arrived today, three days earlier than expected. When I ordered the bag, I asked myself if the specification was too good to be true for the cost - especially when I discovered that delivery was included in the price. I am very happy to say that the bag is everything I expected and more - it fits three boards easily, and once I get a few pairs of boardies, a couple of spare leggies, some wax and some sunscreen in there I am sure it will all wrap up nice n tight. Congratulations on making a terrific product at an excellent price. Rest assured I will be raving about you to my friends, and next time I need any surf gear at all, I will definitely make Curve my first port of call.
Nick B, West Australia

This thing has got to be the most fantastic piece of kit ever invented! When first I heard of it I was over the moon - a surfer like me could live out of my car and this bag for a week, easy!
Martin, UK


The Superslim boardbag was delivered and it's awesome. You don't see this design offered here. I'll have the coolest Boardbag around. I really appreciate the personal service, I'm positive that CURVE will succeed and I will definitely spread the word. Thanks again and I hope to see you in NZ one of these days. Regards, Bill, California

I bought a superslim 1-3 boardbag last year when I was in Kaikoura, South Island and I could tell: your bags rock !
So handy with the side closure wrap and with such a good quality.
That's why, even in France I'm still thinking of Curve !
Looking forward to come back in your amazing country!
Thanks again,
JM, France


As a miserable pom, I am not normally one to hand out complements but just wanted to drop you guys a line to say how stoked I am not just with the service you guys gave but the amazing SUP bag too. Absolutely stoked and I know where I will be coming when I need travel bags in the future
Good on you and all the best
Matt, Auckland

Today I received your board bag shipment in excellent condition. It is just the product I was needing for my SUP. OK, I'm stoked! John F, Florida USA

In case you do not understand Spanish, the email you have just received was to the Oxbow sales department in Spain. I said that, since they were unable to deliver a board bag, I bought one from Curve and that I was very pleased about the quality of the bag, the delivery to Torremolinos and your service. Kind regards,
Stefan, Spain

we have some of your other products, leg leashes and SUP sling, and Brett has your fat boy pack – we love every single one of them, they last really well! Keep up the great design work.
Sharyn, Christchurch

I recently ordered a supermodel board bag, due to be delivered this monday, 29th august. It got delivered on Wednesday 24th, and I am rapped! It fits my board perfectly, the quality is great and its really comfortable to carry. Just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and top quality product, great work guys, keep it up!
Regards, Steve, Wyndham Vale, Australia


My friend forgot 
o put the straps on properly, 160 kph on the freeway frothing for a wave the boards fly off - guess what the only board that did not suffer damage, MY BOOST BAG!!! :-) 6 trips to bali and NO dings or damage!!!! Stoked thanks guys,
Reece, NSW, Australia
Great Bag, Massively Good Customer Service

Bought a 7'2" Retro/Fish Boost travel bag for my Ricky Carroll Mini Me. Can't say enough about the quality and value of the product and the exceptional customer service at Curve. (Go, Simon.) Great bag- lots of protection and easy to use. The fin straps work great- keeping the board away from the zippers. Good looking bag as well. Quick delivery and well-priced. All good. Tom, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA

Boost SurfBoard bag and leash arrived today thank you. Board fits like a glove in it, so no worries about size. I must say it looks a damn fine boardbag - for the price best I have seen and a great price on the leggie.
Will recommend Curve to others.
Cameron, Queensland, Australia
The products turned up yesterday, packaging in tact.Thanks very much for your help and customer service, it can be a hassle dealing with off shore company's especially when one has a change of mind mid order (sorry about that). I could not be happier with my purchase it was everything described on your web page and more, I will be spruiking this NZ company's praises to all I have contact.
Once again thank so much.
Cheers     Mark, Australia

The first bag you sent was of such good quality that we decided we should shout the mal a Boost boardbag especially since we will be taking it to Aussie as well.
Thanks for the excellent service.
Cheers, Steve, New Plymouth
I got the Boost surfbag  delivered today :)...  im very happy with the product, will definitely recommend you guys to my mates.
Cheers bro! Marco , NZ

Hey Guys.
Just a quick note to say that I have received the Boost single boardbag and wanted to say that I’m stoked with the quality and extra features.
Great price too...thanks, Trevor, Queensland

Hey guys - just got an order in from you a few days ago and needed to send you a message and let you know how sick the product is (I never do this).  I'm on the Northeast Coast in the US and never found anything that could rack my board on my 2 door coupe and your straps were perfect - never heard of Curve before but just came across your site by chance.  Just wanted to give some positive feedback, keep rockin!  I'm sure I'll be back for more gear.
Joey, Massachusetts

Handled one twenty (kmh) in a headwind with a full stack.
Kelly, South Australia

Real easy to use – didn’t even need the instructions (that’s a first for me)
Simon, New York

I carried my 8' 0" Gun in a travel case - it was really bombproof at highway speeds and a lot of gusty local winds and trucks. So, great product, best "surf soft rack" I have ever used, and I have mentioned it to all my friends.
Jim B, Santa Barbara CA

We are absolutely thrilled with the Curve Lockdown Racks, I looked high and low and was not at all pleased with what the other offerings in the market were at all, you have a very nicely designed and high quality product and I would rate it best on the market by a long shot.
While I surfed for 35 years of my younger life, my 17 year old daughter is now getting into it and she can easily, quickly and safely get her board and her buddies on her Jeep Compass and go rip it as it were.
Mark, California


I used the travelracks this past weekend for a surf/camp trip. Drove three hours to the beach with 2 boards one long, one short. It worked perfectly and never came loose. Easy to tighten down and easy to use. Great product.
Kevin W, Washington DC

The rental we used had load bars, so I followed that technique. Very, very sturdy. We had several boardbags side by side, and the (travel) racks were able to tighten the bags together horizontally before tightening them vertically to the roof. Wicked

The travel racks arrived yesterday, perfect timing for my trip. I really appreciate the effort you made to expedite the shipping and the quality of the product looks very good. I always have a sense of intrepidation when ordering stuff online. but I will definitely buy from you guys again and recommend you to other surfers. Also, I really liked getting the email from you letting me know the status of my order with the link to FedEx - very professional.
Thanks Again,
Dave, Ontario, Canada


What a welcome relief to have one of these longboard slings. I have a 10'6" longboard that's 23 1/2'' wide. Imagine stuffing that under your arms and taking a long walk to your favorite surf spot. Don't know how I did it. My arm felt like it was falling off. This sling make's it soooo much easier to carry my log any distance. This sling is fabricated well and comes with it's own little bag for storing.
If you carry any longboard for any distance, I recommend getting this sling. You'll be glad you did.
Bill L, California

I used the sling this weekend, and I love it. In fact, a guy ran about a block down Ocean Dr. in Seal Beach to ask me where I got it.
Michael, California

We have two of the longboard slings that we ordered last fall for use in Northern California (and we love them).  But we really loved them on our most recent trip to Kauai where we could easily carry our
longboards for blocks at a time.  The most recent order is for one to leave with my board in Kauai.
Awesome product.  Keep up the good work.
Sharon, North California


you pay for quality, everybody knows this so the price is reasonable as far as product goes and i even pay a little more for it.  Dan, email

The Change Bag was a handy little product to have while away. We kept all our wet gears in here to avoid getting the rental car damp etc. Was great to just have all our boardies etc in the one bag. Awesome capacity and strong fabric. Matt, Auckland

Just to let you know my curve changebag is a big hit - now everyone in my family wants one - my husband kept eyeing mine off so when I asked if he wanted one big YES was the answer.  Next it will be my son! They also make great gifts.
Lucy, NSW

even when thrown into the boot swung with ease and the stitching and fabric was strong enough to not bother me if it accidently hit a grommet on the way to the boot!  Dan, email


The change tub wetsuit bucket arrived last week and is sweet. Its perfect for the back of the car and for getting changed in, its perfect. The surf has been pumping here for the last few days and the tub is getting plenty of use. Ive haven't had the chance to use the tub for beer but I'm pretty confident that it will do the job nicely.
Jonathan R, Ireland


The Fatboy is bar far the best and stylish backpack I've ever had! No shit man, this pack is awesome. I had it full with clothes, passports, keys, wallets, first aid kits, camera, battery chargers, etc etc, and could take it on as carry-on luggage on the flight. The capacity and various pockets and compartments is awesome! The ergonomic design of the back part is really comfortable, even with the Overstayer filled up and hooked on! This is probably due to the unique harness style way of putting it on, which is wicked.
Dion Ahern team rider

“I wondered if the straps would impede movement when paddling and surfing, but that worry was quickly dispelled after just ten minutes in the water. The bag was unnoticeable, and the straps did not bother me at all. Another perceived problem lay with the possibility of the bag becoming waterlogged….However, this concern also proved groundless. Unlike a snowboard pack, the negligible weight on my back didn’t make any difference to my surfing. The bag also felt like it had flotation, so I did feel quite safe wearing it.
This is a great invention for you long session surfers, or those of you lucky enough to be surfing long point breaks. I surfed for two hours the night I tested the Waterman, and ran out of water after an hour and a half…..This product gets a top rating of 10, and should go on to win an inventors prize in my books.”
Freddie Pepper riders anonymous (review)

“I was so impressed and stuck on this product! Absolutely essential piece of equipment for surfing in harsh, tropical climates to help prevent dehydration and heat stroke. I surfed for 4-5 hours one arvo, no probs. Other guys had to go in and drink/rest, but the Waterman kept me charging! After each wave I'd have a little sip and feel great!”
Dion Ahern team rider


Got the Fin Bolts already used them. It is such a great idea. Adjust your fin on the run.
Bruce, NSW


Stoked with the wetsuit shampoo, used it on my crusty divesuit, now its supple as!
Cheers, Tim, Dunedin
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