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Curve USA - shaping surf travel

Curve designs a range of innovative and practical surf accessories to help you and your surfboards arrive safely - wherever the waves are pumping!

Our philosophy, “he who travels lightest, and with the least damage, wins”.

This is why we designed products like the super versatile award winning Overstayer surfboard travel bag, the most compact surfboard coffin you’ll find. Not only does the unique burrito style closure keep your boards safe and snug, protected against the rigours of international travel……it also has the practical optional extra of transforming your boardbag into a clean and comfy ‘sleep anywhere’ bed.

Our Lockdown Racks are the best fitting surf soft racks on the market – for surfboards, longboards and SUPs…. and the Travelrack version is the world’s smallest surfboard soft rack - perfect for squeezing into your luggage when heading off for a trip where you will be using rental cards without fixed racks.

The Fatboy backpack is world’s only “board carry backpack” – we aren’t kidding you – like the modern version of a donkey - it not only carries your gear….but your surfboards aswell. Sounds too good to be true? Check it out…

Hopefully you are getting the idea, Curve isn’t a traditional same old “cookie cutter” surf company – we have a constant drive for new and better ways of doing things, and our range of innovative new surf products is expanding while we continue to think outside the circle and challenge the status quo when it comes to shaping the way that surfers travel.

We also make a range of cool and unique wetsuit accessories, surfboard fins and leashes, and cater for Surf, SUP and Bodyboard.

Curve distributes its range of quality surf accessories and surf gear in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. If you would like us to deliver outside of the United States, please visit our local websites for New Zealand and Australia (drop down menu at the top right of this page). We ship anywhere in the world! For shipping to the UK, Europe and Rest of the World, please place your order via this website.

Curve - keeping the stoke alive, since 2005!