surfboard coffin bag for travel - single surfboard bag, double surfboard bag, and triple surfboard bag - all in one!

  • Overstayer surfboard coffin is up to 50% lighter than standard triple surfboard bag, with full travel protection!
  • burrito wrap closure secures any load size: 1 board only, 2 boards with fins, or 3 boards w/out fins
  • includes free 'sling' wax divider / surfboard day carry
  • unfold side access or unzip rear access
  • cooling heat vent runs length of bag
  • water resistant 'cleanzone' keeps gear clean
  • empty bag less than 1/3 height of standard empty triple coffin - makes for easy storage
  • bag opens flat as ground sheet for sitting, sleeping or tenting
  • turn your boardbag into a clean comfy bed with an optional sleepmat
  • fits wider 'fish' style boards up to 25"
  • 6x grab handles for easy handling
  • 2x external pockets, 2x internal pockets
  • less zips to break or corrode
  • fin slot with velcro closure in sizes 8'2 and bigger 
  • weights: 6'6: 9lb 4kg / 7'0: 10lb 4.5kg / 7'6: 10.5lb 4.8kg / 8'2: 12.5lb 5.7kg / 9'6: 13lb 6kg


The overstayer has been designed to reduce your blood and sweat when dealing with international travel. The patented wrap closure has no bulky walls which greatly reduces the weight of the bag, making it lighter and easier to carry. And because it 'wraps' closed the boardbag adapts to whatever size load you throw at it, whether 1 board or 3, making it the most compact and adaptable surf travel bag you will find! 

As the main opening utilizes a radical velcro fastening system, you can eliminate any concerns about the zip seizing up like other bags which often renders a perfectly good travel bags useless. By eliminating the zip we have removed the most significant weakpoint of any full entry travel bag, and this means the Overstayer has a much longer lifespan than standard boardbags. When we say built to last, we mean it.

Getting your boards to survive inconsiderate baggage handlers is still a priority, so they get the full treatment with a premium combination of super tough 600D exterior and 10mm shock absorbing foam core.

Engineered from extremely tough components, this high-end bag delivers what every world traveler wants – simplicity, ease of transport and a touch of style. 

Other benefits exclusive to the overstayer include a wax and water resistant 'cleanzone' divider compartment to separate boards from luggage. Plus you'll get a free day carry sling - which all up makes this one super sweet package - which is very hard to beat for performance, adaptability, and value.



  • super tough 600D water-resistant polycanvas
  • nose and tail reinforcement
  • 10mm waterproof shock absorbing foam core
  • nylon coated stitching
  • reinforcement stitching in hi-stress areas
  • heat reflective nylon lined interior
  • PK non corrosion zip, reversed for extra zip protection



Overstayer capacity is determined by adding up the width of each surfboard (no fins). Example: the Overstayer 6’6 travel bag combined width capacity is 60" inches, therefore the combined width of each surfboard when you add them up must be 60 or less inches. 

Examples of different fitting board combinations (no fins) are:

  • 3x 20” wide boards = 3x 20” = 60” - this combination of boards meets the criteria of 60” or less to fit
  • 2x 19” wide boards = 2x 19" = 38"    
    1x 22” wide board = 1x 22" = 22"
    Total combined width 38 + 22 = 60"  - this combination of boards meets the criteria of 60” or less to fit
  • 2x 23” wide boards = 2x 23" = 46" - this combination of boards meets the criteria of 60” or less to fit



Board Type Overstayer 6'6,7'0 and 7'6 Overstayer 8'2,9'6 and 10'2
Shortboard 1-3 Boards (max combined with 60") -
Mini-mal / eggs / spoons / fish 1-2 Boards (max combined with 60") -
Longboard - 1-2 Boards (max combined with 50")

NB: FIXED FIN surfboards max capacity for 6'6, 7'0 and 7'6 boardbags is 2x fixed fin surfboards (any width).  


tips for use

  • close by tightening cynches and folding nose and tail ends under.
  • carrying 2 or 3 boards:
    • put largest board nose first and base down at bottom.
    • add smaller boards nose first, base down.
    • never slide a board in under another board - this may cause damage from the nose of the sliding board.
    • boards with fins are best on the bottom. If top board has fins place them on deck grip of bottom board to protect deck.
    • when stacking boards use a towel or Curve sling to prevent wax transfer.



sleep wherever you lay your boardbag

It's a cruel twist that the best waves are usually firing early as the sun comes up, but a morning surf often results in a stoke that lasts all day. A sleepmat means you can enjoy the freedom of having a bed wherever you lay your boardbag, so you can wake up with surf on your doorstep. If you've ever traveled through airports, camped at the beach or even just slept on the floor, you'll realize that a backup crash pad is genius. It stores inside the Curve Overstayer Boardbag cleanzone compartment which keeps it clean, dry and easy to access.

  • 1" (25mm) foam and 3D breathable fabric
  • connects to Overstayer cleanzone via tabs
  • utilize boardbag padding on open cleanzone
  • length 5'8 (174cm) x width 18 ½" (47cm)
  • connect 2x sleepmats for double size
  • extra 1" (25mm) protection for surfboards
  • one size fits all Curve Overstayer boardbags
  • removable foam cores for machine wash
  • folds in half for storage or a handy seat
  • more sleepmat information



I had the best experience I have ever had ordering anything online with Curve prior to my surf tip to Kauai and Maui this last November-December. I needed a surf bag real quick and decided to order my needed flight bag through Curve directly. Simon was helpful beyond words and cut corners to get the bag to me the day before departure through the Los Angeles warehouse. The "coffin style" bag arrived on time and was far better than in quality than I thought possible for a bag under two hundred dollars. In fact it is the best traveling bag I now own in my opinion of durability and material. It is even better than many of the favorable reviews I recently read. I just want you guys at Curve to know you knocked it out of the ballpark on this one. My next bag will for sure be coming from Curve. Mahalo! Sincerely,
Donald R, Carlsbad, California, USA

The Overstayer is by far the best bag out there, I have the longboard coffin bag and have been using it heavily and it is as solid as the day I got it. Makes a great bed also!
Shawn, Brooklyn NY, USA

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how great the Overstayer bag went on my travels to and around Indo. Ten flights and not a single bit of damage, even managed to come out with the shoulder strap still attached. Mate of mine wasn't so lucky with his Creatures bag-chipped tail of his new 6'6. Spent a few days down Pangandaran too-I noticed Dion spent some time there on his travel blog. Thanks heaps guys, keep building the good stuff!!
Scott, Nelson, NZ

Already have the Item I ordered in my hot little hands. great service, great products! I had dealt with you previously when I purchased my son one of your overstayer boardbags. that bag did Indo for 2 months, England, France & French railways and my son said not one scratch on his boards. "The best". His friend who had one of your competitors bags arrived in Indo with two boards virtually totalled."The best".
Regards, Chae, Whitianga, NZ

The Overstayer is epic, will fit my 6'1 fish, 6'3 shorty and my 7' semi-gun easily.  I love the Taco shell idea, so easy and no zips to get clogged with salt...huge plus!  Love the carry handle on the top side so you can carry it over your shoulder but have something to hang onto as well when wetties etc are stuffed into one end, what a great idea!
Paul M, Victoria, Australia

Just letting you know that the Overstayer boardbag worked a treat when I went to Indo... ended up getting four board in there = a 6'0, 2x 6'3s and a 7'0 epic boardbg... here's a couple of photos with the four boards in it. HEAPS of room for wetties/leggies/booties/towels too.  just letting you know I'm stoked on the purchase!
Thanks! Angus, Perth, Australia

Hi there, just wanted to pass some feedback back to you guys, I purchased the Overstayer coffin bag for my two boards and its the best! Someone has clearly thought about traveling with surfboards, the airport staff were impressed with all the handles and its been sooo easy to use with some great features! So thanks, keep up the good work :)
Peter, Torquay, Australia

The Overstayer is awesome! I like the ability to access the boards from the rear, or through the side. Most the time I had 2 boards in it, so was accessing it via the side. The Cleanzone function is unreal too! I kept towels and the Sleepmat in there. Great not getting them wet/waxy.
Jason, NZ

I really love the Overstayer surfboard bag you sent me. I searched and searched for what I wanted and your bag came on top for price and function. You must get it into more stores in Aus.
Thanks a heap once again.
Mark W, Sydney, Australia

Guys, you were right about this bag. It is a fantastic piece of gear, very well designed and made. The board bag arrived a lot earlier than I expected. I am stoked.
Thanks again. I will be back.
Cheers, Terry, Australia

My Curve Overstayer board bag arrived today, three days earlier than expected. When I ordered the bag, I asked myself if the specification was too good to be true for the cost - especially when I discovered that delivery was included in the price. I am very happy to say that the bag is everything I expected and more - it fits three boards easily, and once I get a few pairs of boardies, a couple of spare leggies, some wax and some sunscreen in there I am sure it will all wrap up nice n tight. Congratulations on making a terrific product at an excellent price. Rest assured I will be raving about you to my friends, and next time I need any surf gear at all, I will definitely make Curve my first port of call.
Nick B, West Australia


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