• surf backpack with in-built surfboard carrier
  • 22l storage fits full wetsuit, towel and all the extra gear/food you need for a surf
  • includes free detachable changebag for dry storage of wet gear
  • chest plate is easily removable - for day pack use simply thread bottom straps direct to shoulder buckles
  • 3 compartments including separate audio and valuables storage
  • waist strap for extra support
  • foam backpads for comfort and airflow
  • includes boardbag carrier so you can hook-up and carry any boardbag with a centered carry handle
  • use over any terrain including rough ground - no hands required
  • optimise load shoulder to shoulder or chest to lumbar - via 4x independent adjustors
  • designed to protect spine and muscles
  • connect to Curve sling for a great lightweight way to carry surfboards
  • 3D breathable fabric for moisture control.
  • super tough 600D water-resistant polycanvas.
  • patented PVC reinforced breast plate design for support and comfort.
  • corrosion resistant aluminium d-rings.
  • bullet-proof connector hook


    Ultimate surf backpack and board carrier

    The ultimate surfing backpack has a huge 22 litres of storage, includes a free changebag and carries your board for you. What more could you want in a surf backpack!? 

    With 3 compartments, padded music holder, shock straps and 2x bottle holders theres plenty of room to pack everything including a couple of wetties, towel, rashies, fins, leashes, you name it. The changebag protects your wetsuit while you change and keeps it separate from dry items. And the 'no brain' boardbag connection allows you to carry your board in handsfree comfort over any type of terrain, including that peak down the beach and away from the crowd.

    Also great for traveling, hands-free carry reduces the hassle of negotiating your surfboards through busy airports. And once you have checked in your boards the Fatboy is the perfect size to take on the plane as cabin luggage. 

    We're not kidding when we called this the ultimate surf backpack

    patent pending



    What the experts say.....

    "...carrying heavy bags slung over one shoulder....can lead to long term muscle strain, distortion of the natural S curve of the spine and rounding of the shoulders."
    Sarah Nelson, Waikato Times June 2004.

    *Traditionally surfers carry their boards under one arm which loads the thoracic and cervical spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints down that side as well as placing the muscles involved in a constrained, loaded position. Due to the shape and size of surfboards it is impractical to carry them with the weight spread evenly through the mid-line. The boardcarry backpack spreads the load across the upper body, reduces load and static muscle contraction on the "carrying" side and arm, and if used correctly should thus assist to reduce injuries to these areas. Gill Watson NZROT NZAOT

    NB: Not to be used in conjunction with back complaints.
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