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Global Bodyboard Bag Travel 1-2

Global Bodyboard Cover 1-2 Travel

  • travel bodyboard cover for 1 or 2 bodyboards
  • 5mm foam padding
  • backpack style shoulder straps
  • 600D water resistant polycanvas
  • external storage pocket
  • detachable padded shoulder strap
  • YKK #10 zippers
  • 1-2 board capacity


External bag dimensions are 45.5" high x 26" wide.

There is a 3" wide panel at the base and a 3" wide panel at the top of the bag.
Fits 1 board up to 46" in length, or 2 boards up to 43" in length


After years of getting hounded by bodyboarders telling us "we like your surfboard bags, but what do you have for us?" we finally thought ok, we're up for it.  So we designed the Stealth and Global bodyboard bags to provide quality functional protection rammed full of good solid features in both a day and travel option.

In terms of styling a lot of competitors product we found kind of hard to look at, so we aimed for a sleek, understated look which didn't scream anything too loudly. The result is a couple of premium quality well considered designs that will protect your boards and cater for storage of all a bodyboarders fins and basics, while wrapped up in an 'under the radar' simplified style.

Will accommodate 1 board up to 44" in length, or 2 boards up to 43" in length 

Of course all at an affordable Curve price!



After a long search and review of bodyboard travel bags available on the market, I chose the Global Bodyboard 1-2 Travel Bag. Got it today and is what I was looking for, a top shelf product!
Thanks much, Bill, CA, United States