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SUP Board Socks

SUP Board Sock Covers Stand Up Paddle Board Sock Covers with FREE SHIPPING

Curve SUP Sock Covers provide great day use Sock protection for your SUP Board from scratches, dings and bumps. 

Sock it to annoying dings with a Curve Stand Up Paddle Board Sock - its amazing how even simple stuff like walking through a doorway just isnt that simple when carrying a SUP board.... and can often result in a small yet annoying chip, ding or shatter.

Sock it to UV light by keeping your board covered from the sun and maintain that nice factory white for longer. Yellow boards are like yellow teeth......they just kind of look better white.

Socks also come in handy for additional protection when storing boards between sessions.

While you are surfing, the sock will roll up super compact so you can toss it into your vehicle.

  • thick hard wearing weave
  • 600D reinforced nose protector
  • Blue Jacquard or
  • Black Air Stretch


8'2 Fish (sold out), 8'8 Fish (sold out), 9'2 Fish

9'6 Round, 10'6 Round, 11'6 Round, 12'6 Round (sold out)



    Blue Solid (Jacquard)


  Black Solid (Air Stretch)